Terms and Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions for your own safety, and knowledge before booking a trip with us:


SUSSEXSHIPWRECKS = The boat Sussexshipwrecks and Skipper

CHARTERING  INDIVIDUAL = Is the person taking responsibility for the whole boat charter for a group or an individual just booking 1 or 2 places

SUSSEXSHIPWRECKS shall be responsible for:

  • The Boat, Operation and Manning the Boat the condition of the running gear
  • The availability of Safety and Lifesaving Equipment to MCA Standards, see Safety Manual
  • The operation and good working order of Navigational and Ancillary Equipment
  • Insurance cover as required to meet the 60 miles Code of Practice granted for 12 Passengers and 3 Crew
  • Seamanship and boat handling
  • SUSSEXSHIPWRECKS is not responsible for any CHARTERING INDIVIDUAL’s  equipment left on board

THE CHARTERING INDIVIDUAL shall be responsible for:

In advance of the charter / trip date

  • Identifying the Dive Marshal and their nominated reserve to SUSSEXSHIPWRECKS and providing mobile contact numbers for use on the day
  • Agreeing with SUSSEXSHIPWRECKS the type and depth of the dive site required and expected dive duration time, bottom time
  • Any licences required to dive protected sites, usually the paper work takes 4 weeks, SUSSEXSHIPWRECKS can help with this if given a full list of the CHARTERING INDIVIDUAL’s


On the charter / trip day

  • Be ready on the pickup pontoon in advance of the meet time (Departures from Sovereign Harbour Marina Eastbourne are through a Lock System. For Sussex to be in a lock on time Sussex must ropes off from the Pick Up Pontoon at 15 mins and 45mins past the hour)
  • Their general good conduct and compliance with current MCA (receiver of wrecks) and Marine Management Organisation (MMO) legislation
  • Their ability to undertake the trip/dive that SUSSEXSHIPWRECKS has been chartered to provide.
  • Any damage caused by an individual or group to the vessel Sussex
  • CHARTERING INDIVIDUAL’s supply their own diving kit and it is their responsibility to ensure their equipment is fit for purpose
  • Cylinders to be filled by SUSSEXSHIPWRECKS must be in a tested approved condition
  • All Cylinders shall have their contents / gas mix / Nitrox values clearly marked on the Cylinder
  • The safe storage of all CHARTERING INDIVIDUAL diving equipment is the responsibility of the CHARTERING INDIVIDUAL, CHARTERING INDIVIDUALs must be attentive of keeping the decks clear for safe passage of other passengers


  • All Divers to carry at least 1 SMB , Torch and Whistle on all dives
  • Standard trips consist of Wreck Dive and Drift or 2 Wreck Trip, 1st dive under 50m and a shallower 2nd dive (wreck or drift) on the way back to port
  • CHARTERING INDIVIDUAL are expected to arrive with full diving cylinders

Dives over 50m in depth

  • Are classified as a single dive trip unless agreed by SUSSEXSHIPWRECKS
  • 1 Nitrox Drop Tank per group should be available on-board provided by the CHARTERING INDIVIDUAL
  • All divers are required to carry two SMBs

Terms of Business

  • On agreeing a booking, deposit of £200 is expected
  • If booking more than one trip the deposit will rollover to the final trip
  • Whole Boat Charters 1 and 2 days are the responsibility of the CHARTERING INDIVIDUAL to fill any spaces
  • Expedition holidays (3 days or more) are booked as a minimum of 6 spaces maximum of 10 spaces and once the CHARTERING INDIVIDUAL has booked the spaces it is the responsibility of the CHARTERING  INDIVIDUAL to inform SUSSEXSHIPWRECKS of any drop or increases in numbers. Once the 6-week dead line has passed the CHARTERING  INDIVIDUAL will be responsible for the full amount for the spaces booked


Cancellations due to bad weather

  • SUSSEXSHIPWRECKS will not make any decisions on weather until 7pm the night before the charter is due to take place
  • If weather forces the trip to be cancelled, SUSSEXSHIPWRECKS will refund any deposits owed to the CHARTERING INDIVIDUAL

Cancellations if the CHARTERING INDIVIDUAL is unable to complete their Charter

  • More than 6 weeks’ notice their Deposit is forfeit
  • Less than 6 weeks’ notice full amount is due. Unless SUSSEXSHIPWRECKS are able to find a new CHARTERING INDIVIDUAL for that day, in which case only the Deposit is forfeit