Generic Boat safety briefing

MCA Code of Practice

Sussex is coded for 12 passengers and 3 crew for operation up to 60 miles offshore from any safe haven.

Departing the Pickup Pontoon

On leaving the Sovereign Harbour Pick-Up Pontoon, passengers are informed that we gain access to the sea through a Lock System. To complete this exercise safely passengers are required to keep to the central part of the deck and not hang over the boat gunnels, as we will pass under a bridge.

On entering the lock the skipper will indicate which side the boat will be mooring on in the lock, passengers are requested to move to the other side of the boat to give crew clear access to the mooring line in the Lock.

Life Rafts

Sussex is equipped with 2 x 8 man Life Rafts which are housed in cradles on the flying bridge and are held in position with hydrostatic releases.  Hydrostatic releases are devices that self launch the Life Rafts when the boat is 2m under water. In the event that we want to use the life rafts before the boat sinks the Hydrostatic releases are cut off the Life rafts and the Life Rafts are carried down to deck level. The Life Raft painters are secured to the rails on the side of the boat before the Life Rafts are launched.

  1. Before evacuating the boat a distress message must be sent to the Coast Guard stating:

Nature of distress
No. of Persons on Board
See Using the Radio

  1. Before entering the Life Rafts all Passengers and Crew must fit Life Jackets and DOT Sea Survival Suits. See Life Jackets and DOT Sea Survival Suits.
  2. Equipment to be taken into the Life Raft:

Waterproof VHF Radio, Life Raft 1
EPERB, Life Raft 2
Any Bottled Water in the Wheel House, usually 24x 500mm pack under the Chart Table
Flares under the Chart Table
First Aid Kit under the Chart Table