Diary 2019

Please see calendar for availability, if you have any queries please contact Sussexshipwrecks.
(Last updated on 26/08/18)
Yellow days meet times adjusted for BST
Blue days Bank holidays

HL = High Water Meet for wrecks out of Eastbourne;
LW = Low Water Meet for wrecks out of Eastbourne.

Any date showing 12 spaces is available to be booked as a whole boat charter and the wreck or trip can be changed to your Charter requirements.

27-AugMon11:00H    12Available for Dive boat charter
30-AugThur06:00L HTBA, wrecks between Eastbourne - Gosport0NK10 Eastbourne - Gosport
31-AugFri06:30L  TBA, Gosport wrecks0NK10 Gosport
01-SepSat7:00L HTBA, Gosport wrecks0NK10 Gosport
02-SepSun8:00L HTBA, wrecks between Gosport-Eastbourne 0NK10 Gosport- Eastbourne
08-SepSat8:30H L  12"Available for 
Dive charter"
08-SepSat  16:00 Ash Scattering  Available for charter
09-SepSun9:30H L  12Available for Dive charter
09-SepSun  17:00 Ash Scattering  Available for charter
15-SepSat8:00L H  12Available for Dive charter
15-SepSat  15:30 Ash Scattering  Available for charter
16-SepSun9:00L HBraunton + Drift28m1SubaqX5, CRx6
16-SepSun  16:30 Ash Scattering  Available for charter
22-SepSat8:30H L  12"Available for 
Dive charter"
22-SepSat  16:00 Ash Scattering  Available for charter
23-SepSun9:00H L  12"Available for 
Dive charter"
29-SepSat7:00L12:30H  12"Available for 
Dive charter"
30-SepSun7:30L H  12"Available for 
Dive charter"
30-SepSun  15:00 Ash Scattering  Available for charter
06-OctSat7:30H L  12"Available for 
Dive charter"
07-OctSun8:30H LAlaunia + Drift36m7SubaqX 5
13-OctSat7:00L12:30HChelmsford 0Booked Eastbourne
14-OctSun7:30L13:00H  12Available for whole boat charter
20-OctSat7:00H L  12Available for whole boat charter
21-OctSun7:30H LRushing Water + Drift36m7SubaqX5
27-OctSat11:30H L  12"Available for 
Dive charter"
28-OctSun11:00H L  12"Available for 
Dive charter"
03-NovSat7:00L H  12"Available for 
Dive charter"
04-NovSun6:30H8:00L  12"Available for 
Dive charter"
10-NovSat10:30H L  12"Available for 
Dive charter"
11-NovSun11:00H L  12"Available for 
Dive charter"
17-NovSat11:00L H  12"Available for 
Dive charter"
18-NovSun12:00L H  12"Available for 
Dive charter"
24-NovSat9:30H L  12"Available for 
Dive charter"
25-NovSun10:00H L  12"Available for 
Dive charter"