Boat safety briefing for Divers

Arrival at Slack Water Dive Site

The plan on every dive trip is to arrive on site just before slack water.
Divers will be given a countdown to estimated arrival time at the dive site, this is so they can prepare their kit and be ready in time to dive.
If diving a wreck at slack water a shot line with a grapnel and series of floats and buoy will be deployed.
The boat will wait for the physical indication it is slack when the yellow float surfaces.

Entering the water at Slack Water Dive Site

The boat will drop off the first pair of divers ready on the shot line. They will be requested to confirm the grapnel is in the wreck by hooking 1 or 2 of the 4 Grapnel prongs into the wreck. When the skipper is satisfied that the grapnel is set all the other divers can follow.

Arrival at Drift Dive Site

All divers have to be ready to go at the same time as they will be entering moving water. The reason for this is that with tides up to 2knts divers would become too spaced out and the dive would become unmanageable to keep track of the SMBs.

Entering the water at Drift Dive Site

If given a bottom time it is important that divers adhere to it as staying long underwater may cause the diver to drift further than intended and into other boat user’s traffic areas.

Leaving the Shot line

Returning to the Boat

  1. On surfacing stay close to your buddies as it makes it easier to pick you both up.
  2. When the boat arrives by you swim for the grab line on the Starboard Side and aim for amidships where the capstan is.
  3. You can from this position hand up any goody bags and SMBs.
  4. Wait at this position until the lift is lowered.
  5. Decide who is going on the lift first.
  6. First diver swims round to the lift.
  7. Second diver stays at the side of the boat until the lift has completed its cycle of being raised and lowered. The reason for this is to prevent the second dive being struck by the lift on its downward passage.
  8. When the lift has completed its cycle and is submerged the second diver can swim round and get on the lift.

Using The Lift

  1. The lift moves up and down in a frame with a platform with Grab Handles.
  2. Only use the Grab Handles to hold onto, do not hold onto any parts of the frame.
  3. On approaching the lift grasp both Grab Handles on each side.
  4. Draw your knees up towards your chest and then stand up. This manoeuvre aids your fins clearing the platform edge.
  5. When you are balanced, give an indication you are ready to be lifted, nod of the head works.
  6. On reaching the deck make your way back to your seat position and secure your cylinders / set as quickly as possible. This to prevent accidents as the boat will be unable to execute a manoeuvre to pick up the next set of divers until your cylinders / set is secure.