O2, Air Compressors and Dive Cylinders

Air (Nitrox Clean)

Only available to whole boat charters booking consecutive days, or where dive programme indicates availability. Where there is a requirement to fill 20 to 30 tanks. (10 tanks per hour).

Bauer Mariner 320 320 L/min

4 whips, BC Din and A Clamp fittings, air to 232 Bar.
Bauer P31 Filter System

Coltri Compressor 100 L/min

For less than 8 tank to fill requirements, there is a small Coltri 100 L/min that can be made available if booked in advance. (3 tanks an hour).

Dive Cylinders

2 x 15lt and an integral twinset 12lt x 2 are usually available on board in the event that a diver discovers that they have lost their air on route to the boat.

These can also be hired £10 per tank including air.

O2 Cylinder 

A 15lt Cylinder 100% O2 is available on-board should it be required. The O2 can be supplied through the casualties’ regulator or through a dedicated O2 delivery system on board. No Charge.

Currently Sussex does not have Nitrox capability.


Please email for refill prices