Current and last 24 Hours Actual Weather Conditions

Station 62305 - Greenwich Lightship

Owned and maintained by UK Met Office
Position: 50.40 N 0.00 E (50°23'60" N 0°0'0" E)

This weather data collection buoy is located 20 miles offshore on the Greenwich Meridian and provides current data for conditions in that area and records conditions for the last 24 hours.

5 Day Forecast

This facility simulates weather conditions in 3 hourly intervals for the next 5 days.

5 Day and 3 Day detailed Forecast

A 7 day forecast facility, worldwide.

Remember to key in Country: United Kingdom and Spot: Pevensey Bay, otherwise you will be looking at the weather for Hawaii, also this is a surfer web site, so when you see a high STAR rating that means BIG WAVES.

24 Hour Forecast

click here for inshore forecast click here for offshore forecast

24 Hour Forecast

Additional BBC Link
I've always thought that the coastal weather forecast for Selsey Bill to North Foreland should be split at Beachy Head, well the BBC have now done this see links below:

North Foreland to Beachy Head

Beachy Head to Selsey Bill

Current and last 24 Hours Actual Weather Conditions

National Data Buoy Center, United Kingdom Recent Marine Data